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A mod needs to get missxstephanie, or whoever the hell that whore is, OFF of my friends page. The last thing I want to see when I'm on Livejournal is a pair of freaking disgusting boobs and a revolting vagina that's been shaved to look like that of a 6-year-old. It's not cute, it's not at all attractive.

Honey, you look like siht. How the phukk dare you post such garbage and then not allow me to comment on it? Take your pathetic need for attention to a strip club. Go whore yourself on a street corner, not where I have to witness it and feel like vomiting. You are UGLY and SICKENING. I'm a bisexual, so it's not as though the female body is gross to me...but you...dear there's nothing worth flaunting.

Get this shaiza off of my friends page or I'm reporting MissCrustyVagina to LJ...and if that doesn't work, I'll report this community for pornography. I hope she's under age.

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