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divine never looked so good

Location:Kodiak, Alaska
What makes you so "divine": i'm an aggressive divinity[[i know what i want, and i do anything to get it]]
Best physical feature in your opinion: my eyes, they're just so dark, and empowering
Got any talents: i can hula, do the irish dance, break dance and sing.
What can't you live without: my eyeliner
List 3 random things and why: i like tushies [[they're fun to touch]], i like to burn things [[fire is awesome like that]], and i want to be an Anthropologist [[science is uber cool]]
Your taste in music:Metal, and Rock
Inspiration/Idol & why: Angelina Jolie [[she proves that not all celebs are selfabsorbed]]
One thing you'd change(open to anything): my height. i think i'm too short for my age. =P
When you come to a fork in the road do you take the path less traveled? Explain why.:Yes, because there could be unknown wonders waiting to be discovered.
One grassy day you were skipping down the river, and you came upon a acorn. You were like wow thats so uberwhoa, then put it in your pocket and left to go to Brooklyn. When you were there you said hi to Brady .
Why do you want to be apart of this community?:seems to me that people are judgeing people by their looks more than personality, eh, could be the other way around -waves fists at rude people- but i just want to know what people think, being curious is all =D
Lastly, how did you come across this community? lj searches

Peekterz .::.


Be Gentle =]...
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